Danuta’s Holistic Therapy on The Bocas Breeze

If your feeling stressed or over worked stop by Danuta’s Holistic Therapy and give it try. You will be surprised by the results. Even if you have never tried holistic therapies before.

Recently, Danuta’s Holistic Therapy appeared on the Febuary 2014 edition of The Bocas Breeze, a local newspaper that covers everything Bocas del Toro.

Below is the article from The Bocas Breeze (read it below):

The Bocas Breeze Danutas Holistic Therapy Bocas del Toro Panama

 Holistic Healing in Bocas

On any given day if you would describe yourself as stressed, neurotic, or anxious you may want to continue reading. Nothing seems to incite more erratic behavior than holidays. And now, with those behind us, we need to set out intention for the New Year ahead. It’s time for a little rest and relaxation. I often find myself falling victim to long work days and stressful deadlines. With this in mind, I made an appointment for change with Danuta’s Holistic Therapy. I suppose I should preface that the holistic approach has never been at the forefront of my mind; but having tried other remedies, I wanted to take a chance with one of Danuta’s treatments.

Danuta de Meck, originally from Polland, studied the art of healing in Israel. She has over 20 years experience in holistic therapy, and many residents of the Bocas region regularly rely on her healing techniques for a variety of aliments. Danuta accredits a lot of her healing ability to many years spent studying classical music. After my zen-shiatsu treatment she explained that like music, the energy of the human body has a rhythm. Danuta says clients come in, talk to her about their problems on both physiological and psychological levels, and in turn, she suggests which treatment will suit their needs best. I left my own treatment feeling rejuvenated, calm, released from the weight of stress. If you’re not a believer and have yet to try holistic healing go by and meet her. She just may change your mind.

Danuta’s services include: Zen Shiatsu, Reiki, Thai Foot Massage, and Ashiatsu.