Color Your Holy Week in Bocas del Toro with Lila Paz Cabañas

COLOR YOUR HOLY WEEK in Bocas del Toro with Lila Paz Cabañas at Genesis Creativity House

Lila Paz is a Holistic Therapist and founder of Coloreando Auras. She Works building health and wellness in the community. Founder of the ASOYOGA Costa Rican Yoga Instructors Association she promotes yoga as a lifestyle to uplift you and bring center to your life.

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Disease Cellular Biodecodification, Abhyanga Detox Massage,
Rain Drop Therapy with therapeutic grade essential oils,
Facial Acupuncture and REIKI Sessions.


reiki-lilacabanas-panama-bocasdeltoroBrain Wave Vibration or Brain Breathing: Friday 18 de abril 3-6pm $40 per person
A combination of abdominal breathing, Yoga, Chi Kung, meditation, visualization and the activation of your brain stem, where everything is possible.

“Our brain is design to do whatever we want without failure. If you want success you can create it. If you want happiness or health you can create the wave vibrations in your brain. Everything is possible always when your negative thoughts will not interfere”. Ilchi Lee



Reiki Level 1: Saturday April 19, 9-5pm Sunday April 20, 9-1pm $150 per person
REIKI history to channel energy and develop intuition, learn on hand positions for personal use and to work with others. Learn energy channels and how to balance and clean for you and others Receive Certificate 4 energy attunements, coffeebreak and manual. REIKI works in all levels physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.


Who is Lila Paz Cabañas?

Founder of “Coloreando Auras” Lila has been involved in building a better wellbeing for her community and personal life. She has particiapated in various wellness centers and academies throughout Costa Rica. She is founder of the Asociación de Profesores de Yoga de Costa Rica (ASOYOGA), where the yogi way of life is promoted.

Gracefully, she trasmits a wide variety of techniques cultivated throughout the years such as Hatha Yoga by the Gran Fraternidad Universal and Anusara Yoga with national masters like Mariela Cruz, Esteban Salazar, Juan Pablo Barahona, and international masters such as: Kelly Haas, Jordan Bloom, Kenny Graham, and Sianna Sherman. She studied Ashtanga Yoga with Larry Schultz, Jodi Blumstein and Iyengar with Ugo D’Ambrosio. She is a certified Anusara Yoga instructor.

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