Integrative Therapeutic Chi Kung Class

Instructor with over 30 years experience.

Monday January 27, 11am – 12noon & Tuesday January 28, 9am – 12noon



You will learn:

– How to cultivate Chi energy to strengthen your body, mind, & spirit through proper Chi Kung breath and motion.

– Pranayama & Three breathing method allowing you to cleanse your body with energy

– Techniques that instantly deliver Chi energy in massive quantities for health and beauty

Please bring: Comfortable clothing, water, and handkerchief.

Price: $5 per class

By: Maestro Miguel Sarria

Who is Maestro Miguel Sarria?


Miguel is an intuitive accomplished Spiritual Master, a Master in the Healing Arts and the founder of the INSTITUTE OF INTEGRATIVE CHI KUNG and INTEGRATIVE HEALTH He comes from many years of trekking and researching complementary medicine having traveled throughout the world practicing Yoga and Chi Kung since early childhood. His talents come from his understanding and great insight of the universe and the ability to see the impact of the environment on our bodies and our need to reconnect to a balanced environment.

Spent a year living in the northern Amazon on the legendary “Tepuis” learning from the natives the essence of their connection to nature. Since 1972 Miguel has practiced the art of ShankPrakShalana and Shiatsu.

A certified instructor of the martial arts Kojosho, Shi-Pa-Sho Chi Kung, and  Integrative Jing-Chi-Shen Kung. He practices and teaches the integration of multiple modalities like:

Alkaline Body Anti-Aging Apitherapy
Balance Ball Bio-Health Detox
Energy Cultivation Essential Therapeutic Oils Intestinal/Colon Cleansing
Kundalini Yoga Macrobiotics Meditation & Purification
Nasal Irrigation Spiritual Pilgrimage Pranayama Breath
Tantra Yoga Zen, the Art of Hammock Riding

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