Color Your Holy Week in Bocas del Toro with Lila Paz Cabañas

COLOR YOUR HOLY WEEK in Bocas del Toro with Lila Paz Cabañas at Genesis Creativity House Lila Paz is a Holistic Therapist and founder of Coloreando Auras. She Works building health and wellness in the community. Founder of the ASOYOGA Costa Rican Yoga Instructors Association she promotes yoga as a lifestyle to uplift you and bring center to your life. BOOK NOW: Tel:757 9308/ 507-6686-0235 Therapies: Make your appointment! Disease Cellular Biodecodification, Abhyanga Detox Massage, Rain Drop Therapy with therapeutic grade essential oils, Facial Acupuncture and REIKI Sessions. Workshops Brain Wave Vibration or Brain Breathing: Friday 18 de abril 3-6pm $40 per person A combination of abdominal breathing, Yoga,.